eulxml.xmlmap.dc - Dublin Core

General Information

Thorough documentation of Dublin Core and all the elements included in simple, unqaulified DC is available from the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative. In particular, see Dublin Core Metadata Element Set, Version 1.1.

Dublin Core

All elements in Dublin Core are optional and can be repeated, so each field has been mapped as a single element (eulxml.xmlmap.StringField) and as a list (eulxml.xmlmap.StringListField), named according to the DC element.

Because the DC elements are thoroughly and clearly documented at, element descriptions have not been repeated here.

class eulxml.xmlmap.dc.DublinCore([node[, context]])

XmlObject for Simple (unqualified) Dublin Core metadata.

If no node is specified when initialized, a new, empty Dublin Core XmlObject will be created.

DCMI_TYPE_URI = rdflib.term.URIRef(u'')
ROOT_NAME = u'dc'
contributor = <eulxml.xmlmap.fields.StringField>
contributor_list = <eulxml.xmlmap.fields.StringListField>
coverage = <eulxml.xmlmap.fields.StringField>
coverage_list = <eulxml.xmlmap.fields.StringListField>
creator = <eulxml.xmlmap.fields.StringField>
creator_list = <eulxml.xmlmap.fields.StringListField>
date = <eulxml.xmlmap.fields.StringField>
date_list = <eulxml.xmlmap.fields.StringListField>

DCMI Type Vocabulary (recommended), as documented at


DCMI Types Vocabulary as an rdflib.Graph

description = <eulxml.xmlmap.fields.StringField>
description_list = <eulxml.xmlmap.fields.StringListField>
elements = <eulxml.xmlmap.fields.NodeListField>

list of all DC elements as instances of DublinCoreElement

format = <eulxml.xmlmap.fields.StringField>
format_list = <eulxml.xmlmap.fields.StringListField>
identifier = <eulxml.xmlmap.fields.StringField>
identifier_list = <eulxml.xmlmap.fields.StringListField>
language = <eulxml.xmlmap.fields.StringField>
language_list = <eulxml.xmlmap.fields.StringListField>
publisher = <eulxml.xmlmap.fields.StringField>
publisher_list = <eulxml.xmlmap.fields.StringListField>
relation = <eulxml.xmlmap.fields.StringField>
relation_list = <eulxml.xmlmap.fields.StringListField>
rights = <eulxml.xmlmap.fields.StringField>
rights_list = <eulxml.xmlmap.fields.StringListField>
source = <eulxml.xmlmap.fields.StringField>
source_list = <eulxml.xmlmap.fields.StringListField>
subject = <eulxml.xmlmap.fields.StringField>
subject_list = <eulxml.xmlmap.fields.StringListField>
title = <eulxml.xmlmap.fields.StringField>
title_list = <eulxml.xmlmap.fields.StringListField>
type = <eulxml.xmlmap.fields.StringField>
type_list = <eulxml.xmlmap.fields.StringListField>